Destination Wedding Wedding Film
Tháng Tư 2022

Destinantion WeddingFilm of Tomek & Phuong

Long time later, I still can’t forget the feeling of looking Tomek & Phượng through the camera’s viewfinder,

on top of a majestic mountain in Zurich, down below a blue and infinite sky while the clouds seemed closer and closer.

I’m in a choked with emotion everytime looking back that moment, then I just simply smile,

because it’s truly fulfil my deep thought about Love: Love is limitless, Love is beautiful.

Tomek & Phượng made it happen on an Autum day in November.
At where they took the stand, how beautiful were the sweetness and cherishing waving in their heart,
like the waves lapped on the shore beyond.
“This is sure to be called Love. This is sure.”
We truly hope in happy years after, as everytime Tomek & Phượng looking back at that moment, your hearts may once again remind that you were going to bring on lifetime a memory you never forget about, and two hearts will touch again because there was such a great day when suddenly the whole world belonged to your own, when the air filled with the love pouring from you two.
And your hearts may feel thankful for that unforgettable day, for a worthy and beloved lifetime,
as our “Thank You” We would like to sincerely send to Tomek & Phượng , despite having many choices,
you chose to have confidence in 𝙈𝙊𝙑𝙀